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Personalized Care Plan

Comprehensive menopause care for women who want an on-going holistic approach to their health by their medical team. This plan is personalized and can be modified as your needs change. Six month minimum.

Not usually reimbursable by insurance but eligible for HSA/FSA.

Why Should I Choose a Plan?

There are 34 common symptoms that women experience in menopause - most go unrecognized as menopause symptoms or written off by women and their doctors as "just part of getting older." There are life-style interventions and medical treatments for these symptoms, but discerning which symptoms are due to menopause versus underlying serious medical conditions (is your irritability due to lack of sleep or a thyroid condition?) and which symptoms are directly related to other symptoms (are you depressed because you have a mood disorder or because of your increasing body weight?) requires time, listening, expertise, and holistic medicine to unravel. Spending the time with a physician trained in comprehensive menopausal medicine to discover the best treatments in the best amounts to get your life back to normal is well worth the investment in yourself.

Bi-Weekly Appointments with your doctor

Regular visits with your physician will facilitate more rapid modifications to your menopause treatment plan.

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