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Say No To Keto

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

Most trends are not well supported by science and the keto diet as a solution to manage unwanted weight gain in menopausal women is no exception. To be fair, there is some data to support using the keto diet to improve health in men, particularly those with obesity or diabetes - those men reduced their weight and controlled their blood sugar on a keto diet.

However, research shows that the keto diet has a negative effect on muscle fatigue in women and that bone remodeling is impaired. Evidence also exists that a keto diet reduces the gut microbiome, which reduces circulating estrogens which further exacerbates all of the troubling menopausal symptoms that result from decreased estrogen like hot flashes, body fat retention, headaches, fatigue, and more.

Be wary when you see quick fixes that promise results. Women, particularly menopausal women, are not included in the research studies (if studies exist at all!)...and our physiology is not the same as everyone else!

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