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The Marvel of Menopause

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

Menopause can be a time of change and self-discovery. We now can reflect on our lives and make changes to become our best selves. It is a time when we can let go of the expectations of others and embrace our own uniqueness.

Most conversations about menopause focus on the disruptive panoply of symptoms that women experience - and for good reason. Night sweats, brain fog, sleeplessness, painful sex, weight gain, and dozens of others affect our ability to function normally in the workplace and at home. The chaos of our hormones leaves us feeling out of control of our own bodies and futures. But it can also be a time of terrific opportunity, and the right doctor can help us to manage menopause symptoms and reduce our risk of serious disease.

How about some good news? Menopausal women have more life experience, which gives us wisdom and perspective. We are more likely to be financially secure, which gives us freedom and flexibility. We have more time to pursue our passions, and we are more likely to be surrounded by people who love and support us. We also no longer need to worry about unwanted pregnancy or menstrual periods and our risks of some types of cancers actually decrease.

We have more life experience. We have had more opportunities to gain experience and grow. We have experienced different things in life, and we have developed our own unique perspectives. This life experience can be a valuable asset in our personal and professional lives. We may start to let go of some things that used to stress us out, leading to a more relaxed and enjoyable life.

We are more likely to be financially secure. By the time of menopause, most women have had time to establish their careers and build up their savings. This financial security can provide freedom and flexibility. We also may start to appreciate the simple things in life more, which will aid in stretching our financial resources.

We have more time to pursue our passions. Our children are grown (or nearly), and we have more free time. This extra time can be used to travel, learn new things, or volunteer in our communities.

We are more likely to be surrounded by people who love and support us. We have had more time to build relationships with our family and friends. These relationships are often our most important source of support, and they can help us to weather any challenges.

We no longer must worry about unwanted pregnancy or menstrual periods. We can now be our full sexual selves without worrying about getting pregnant, and women who had pain or heavy bleeding during their periods no longer must suffer. Women who experienced PMS are freed from that monthly disruption. Endometriosis symptoms typically disappear in the absence of the monthly ups and downs of estrogen and progesterone experienced by reproductive age women.

Our risks of some types of cancers actually decrease. There are fewer instances of breast, endometrial, and ovarian cancer in menopausal women.

Don't be afraid to embrace this new chapter in your life. There are many positives to getting older, and menopause is a time when we can truly live our best lives. If you are experiencing any symptoms that are interfering with your quality of life, make an appointment with your doctor. She can work with you to find the best solutions for you.

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